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From: http://www.wsaw.com [Feb. 14th, 2007|12:16 pm]
Extraordinary Conceptions
Infertility Breakthroughs
Posted: 4:31 AM Feb 13, 2007
Reporter: WSAW Staff

In the United States, six million women have fertility problems during what is supposed to be their “reproductive years.” One-in-five look for help. We’ll show you two new breakthroughs to make the baby-making journey a smoother one.

Playing with her twins is a dream Laura Schroeder never thought she would reach after injectible hormones, artificial insemination and more.

“We did a total of three fresh in vitro cycles and one frozen cycle in between those,” Laura says.

For two years, the 36-year-old’s life revolved around daily injections of an ovary-stimulating hormone.

“I can’t even begin to imagine – hundreds, probably over a thousand.”

A new discovery may ease that hassle in the future by reducing the number of shots. Organon, a hormone stimulator, lasts longer than current shots.

“We have smaller needles that are subcutaneous and now we’re going maybe with the once a week or once every four day shot,” said Dr. Kelle Moley of Washington University.

Dr. Moley says it is part of a trend toward making fertility treatments more patient-friendly.

And super ovulation may soon be induced by a drug that is used to fight breast cancer. FEMARA helps a woman produce more eggs.

“FEMARA, in a negative feedback manner, tells your body to produce more estrogen,” Dr. Moley says.

Two steps closer to the goal of bringing babies home.

“I would do it a thousand times over,” Laura says.

So much so that Laura’s preparing to do it all again.

If these treatments prove safe and effective, women could be using these drugs for infertility within the next year.